Our teams will be working on homes June 18– June 22.

Homeowner Application

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Please read the following paragraph, then sign and date the application (make sure that you have completely filled out the reverse side of this application). My signature indicates that I understand that His Work His Way work crew members are volunteers, and that the work done on the homes is done by teenage students under adult supervision. I understand that their work may not be of professional quality, and that His Work His Way may not be able to complete all of the work that I am requesting. I also understand that my house may or may not be selected for work. In addition, if my house is selected, I hereby agree to hold His Work His Way its board of directors, its staff, and its affiliated organizations, harmless of and from any and all liability of whatever nature may arise out of, or result from, their work.

What is His Work His Way ? 
 His Work His Way is a nonprofit Christian  community development ministry composed of several local churches.  Our purpose  includes upholding the dignity of vulnerable homeowners who live in Conneaut Lake and neighboring areas.  This summer during our camp, we will send out crews of teenage and adult volunteers who give freely of their time and energy to perform free home repairs for homeowners. 
Who Can Apply? 
 To apply for work to be done on your house, you must 1) own your home and live in it,   2) live in close proximity to the Conneaut Lake area, 3) provide proof of homeowners   insurance.  Among the applicants to meet these requirements, we place a priority on candidates who are widowed, the elderly, the disabled, and single parent mothers. 
What Work Can His Work His Way  Volunteers Do? 
 Our work teams are not professional  contractors.  Teams will consist of adults and teens, some skilled and some willing to work hard.  Nevertheless, we aim to do good,  quality work that is a service to you.  Our teams do most home repair projects,  including painting, dry walling, carpentry, cleaning, yard work, and some masonry,   roofing and plumbing.  We will also provide work teams for community projects, nonprofit organizations or those organizations that serve as active partners in the His Work His Way ministry. 

Who Supervises the Work? 
 Teams are directly supervised by the adult leaders who come with the teams.  Sometimes the adults are pastors or  teachers; sometimes they are volunteers who enjoy helping young people learn to serve and grow in their spiritual lives.  Our staff members travel from worksite to  worksite to deliver supplies, to encourage the homeowner, and to offer technical  assistance to the teams. 
Do the Students Get Paid? 
 No, they don’t.  All of the students and adult leaders volunteer their time and efforts.  In fact, team members actually  pay tuition to participate in His Work His Way; their tuition provides for their meals and materials. 
How Can I Give Back to the Workers? 
 It’s always great if homeowners can spend time talking with the young people who are working hard.  If homeowners can provide a kind smile, that’s an excellent gift!  Able-bodied kids or grandchildren (12 and older) are encouraged to help with the work. 
Once You Send In Your Application… 
 His Work His Way  will contact you to make an appointment to review the scope of the work that appears on your application and determine whether or not we have the   resources to meet the request.  If we are able to help, we will call you to arrange the details for the work to be completed.  If we are not able to help, we will call to inform you. 
Questions?  Contact Mike at 382-9862   or Trinity at 382-1121.