Our teams will be working on homes June 17 – June 23.

Student Participation Application

Submit the form online below - or download a form to the right.  (Deadline: May 20, 2018)

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Cost and Information

The cost is based on the number of youth and adults from your household who are participating.  Note the following cost list: for each household:

$75 for one or youth from the household, or  a maximum of $125 total for 2 or more members from your household participating in HWHW (including adults)

Submit payment with the application(s)

Make checks out to HiS Work, His Way

Submit application and payment to your youth leader or to: Downtown Ministries by May 20, 2018

172 Main Street,  Greenville, Pa. 16125

Who Can Participate?

All students entering the 8th grade and above are eligible to participate. Students who are participating are required to stay at the Thiel dorms for the entire week. Students may not leave for any reason other than an emergency approved by HWHW coordinator. Anyone leaving for any other reason other than an emergency may not return. This is to ensure that students have the opportunity to grow spiritually and develop relationships with others.  In addition, to ensure the safety of all students, parental contact needs to take place over the phone. All participants are expected to follow the guidelines set by the youth leaders.

More information about the week can be found on the enclosed sheet.

If there is a restricted number of youth participants, the first registered to meet that number will be accepted.

What is His Work, His Way?

His Work, His Way is a nonprofit Christian ministry that works to assist eligible homeowners with home maintenance and repair projects.  The week of June 17-23, 2018 we will send out work teams consisting of youth and adults to complete home projects. Our purpose is to touch lives with the love of Christ using paint brushes, hammers and rakes.

Please read the information sheet that is included with this application for details of what is involved and needed for the week of work projects. A worship service and organizational meeting that will be held on June 17, 2018 at 7:00pm at the Greenville Alliance Church, Conneaut Lake Road, Greenville, Pa. Check in at Thiel dormitory is from 5:30pm to 6:30pm Sunday, June 17th prior to the worship service. Look for the signs at the corner of Rt58 and Rt19 by the Thiel Chapel.


1.       Never go anywhere alone.  You must always be in a group of 3

2.       Lights out at 11:00 every night (unless otherwise specified)

3.       No Purpling (girls are red, guys are blue…)

4.       Envelope System:

a.       This is not like “eharmony.com”…not a dating service

b.       Meant to be uplifting and encouraging…DO NOT WRITE MEAN STUFF!

5.       DO NOT LOSE YOUR ROOM KEY!!!!  (a $30 fine if you do) **note: this is if we actually have keys


7.       Follow the rules/guidelines that your site leader has established.

8.       Do NOT go off campus (unless directed/led by a HWHW Adult Volunteer)

9.       Cell phone use should be only during quiet times at night.

10.   ABOVE EVERYTHING ELSE: YOU ARE EMBASSADORS OF JESUS!!!  Be respectful, be kind, be a servant, be loving, put others ahead of yourself and have fun!